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…the luxury brand of handbags for women…unconventional, innovative, unique…


In a dark and endless universe as the global market,

Dyanthus identifies its horizon

in the desire to bring back

true Italian elegance and pure italian style.


For landmark: the concept of beauty. 

For energy: the authentic design and the genuine handicraft of Italy.

For guideline: the “one by one” philosophy

for the development and for the production.


Dyanthus has defined his journey

by analyzing the limits of the global market:

mass production will soon reveal its incoherence and inadequacy

to meet the needs of the market, society, economy and our Earth.


The extreme design pushed up to the concept of piece of art, to guarantee timeless beauty;

the perfectionism for the smallest details, to guarantee quality and durability over time;

the permanent collection to go beyond the logic of fashion and seasonality,

to guarantee concreteness and professionalism

100% Made in Italy

Real 100% Made in Italy:

design, raw materials and handicraft

are developed in Italy and only by Italian professionals.

We are different, we are not a conventional brand, we are unique.


The feverish and excited demand

of distinction and personalization, pushed till to the “one-off concept”,

will fuel the vertiginous growth of artisan

production and therefore the concept of “tailor made”.


Dyanthus certifies each creation with a specific ID:

serial number, customer details, company stamp,

to guarantee unequivocal traceability and certificate of ownership.

We can offer you this treatment because our production philosphy is one-by-one.


Only Dyanthus offers to you three levels of shopping:

1) Dyanthus Creation

2) Dyanthus Personal Creation

3) Dyanthus One-off Creation

How to buy your Dyanthus creation?

select your level of shopping

Dyanthus Creation - 1st Level

Dyanthus Creation

is the way to buy our handbags in their standard configuration:

design, raw materials and colors

as you can cherish from our look book

Dyanthus Personal Creation - 2nd Level

Dyanthus Personal Creation

is the way to customize your favorite handbag

for raw materials and colors.

Your own personal Dyanthus, unique like you

Dyanthus One Off Creation - 3rd level

Dyanthus realises your dream:

you love our design and our artisan skills,

but do you desire anything more?

Dyanthus one-off creation, to design and produce

your own unique handbag all over the world

direct sale: info@dyanthus.com


“The class in the sobriety”

The revolution starts from yourself.

True luxury is discretion and does not need to scream to stand out.

The class defined with the balance of the signs.


“The majesty in the Nature”

Beauty is in the essence of things.

Nature encloses in the simplicity of a flower all the beauty of Life.

The purity translated with the naturalness of a symbolic design.


“The perfection in the synthesis”

Less is more … are not just words, but a way of thinking.

Go back to the essence and go to the core of Life.

The eternity synthesized with the perfection of geometry.


“The elegance in the semplicity”

Excellence lives in the lightness of a gesture.

Distinction has the sweetness of discretion.

The preciousness revealed with an iconic design.


“The infinity in the small”

The sense of the whole is in the value of the small elements.

Style is not fashion, it is the expression of the heartbeats.

The sophistication achieved with the uniqueness of the details.


“The eternity in the detail”

Time does not affect the immortality of the spirit.

Aesthetics is an objective perception.

The harmony reached with timeless evocations.


“The whole in the minimal”

Essentiality is a route.

Minimalism is a goal.

The whole captured with the purity of the lines.


“The jewel in the soul”

Appearance lives to burn the moment.

Substance lives to face time.

The merger to tell the uniqueness achieved with a timeless design.