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Dyanthus Creation – 1st LEVEL


Dear customer,

buying a Dyanthus Creation is not simply buying a luxury handbag

but it is living an experience, it is rediscovering the taste for quality (of design, manufacture, raw materials, details),

it is entering a whole new world that offers different perspectives from the usual and habitual ones.


1 – Contact us by e-mail

2 –¬†Indicate us your choice among the various Dyanthus Creations from our permanent collection

3- You will receive an e-mail of confirmation in which we will detail you the necessary information to proceed with the purchase of your Dyanthus

Please, remember:
– each dyanthus bag is identified and numbered
– we guarantee a first-class after-sales service that lasts over time and does not end with the standard sales conditions
– a dyanthus bag is more than just a bag, it is a work of art able to survive time, trends, globalized conformism

There is nothing as you!!!

Dyanthus is like you!!!

Finally, your special and unique piece of artl!!!