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Our Identity:

be unique…because revolution starts from yourself


Dyanthus strongly believes in the values that today’s world tries to make us forget:

concepts like family, fraternity, humanity, sharing, conscience, therefore … identity.

The identity of the individual is the added value of the community: each individual has the ability to enrich all those around him/her thanks to his specific peculiarities.

It is in the identification of oneself that the individual finds his/her own universe.

On the basis of these convictions Dyanthus merges its strong, distinguishable, unique identity.

The Dyanthus personality thus emerges in every creation which for these reasons is identifiable, precious, iconic.

Thanks to pure design, every Dyanthus creation remains a universe at itself, attributable to nothing but to the personality of the Woman or the client of whose name bears as tribute to their singularity.

Thanks to the genuine handicraft, each Dyanthus creation expresses its own soul, recognizable everywhere and far from any other item on the market because it is full of skill and passion.

These are the concepts that allow us to apply the logic of one-by-one, b2c, extreme personalization … because we consider every single product produced as a new reality, a new life, a new identity … this is what creates the soul of an object.

Dyanthus is therefore distinguished on the market by the completely different approach, anti-conformist, against the current, unconventional, probably revolutionary, but for this reason convincing and fascinating;

it is not our interest to be one of the many brands framed in predefined rules, our aim is to express what we really are,

because it is in the extreme synthesis of the things that truth and essence are revealed.

We have a heart, a soul, then an identity.