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Dyanthus One Off Creation – 3rd LEVEL


Dyanthus One Off Creation: create your own, unique, eternal luxury handbags!

Dyanthus offer to all its special clients the service of development of new creation; a complete new one off creation, from the sketches, the 3D proposals, the choice of colors and leathers, the prototype till to the final product.

1 – Contact us by e-mail

2 – Ask us the One-Off creation service

3 – You will receive an e-mail with some questions about yourself, your tastes and your dreams

4 – Two weeks: you will receive first proposals; you will make your choice.

5 – One week: we start together the choice about materials combination; we will define together your own personal luxury bags

7 – Two weeks: we realize and send you your Dyanthus One-Off creation

Wherever you are, you will be connected with our artisans’ lab in each step of development!

You will can decide to give your name to our One Off creation and come into the Dyanthus permanent collection!

Dyanthus is the one and real of tailor made luxury handbags brand in the world!!!

Design, handicraft, quality…only the top!!!

Dyanthus…beyond imagination!!!