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Dyanthus Personal Creation – 2nd LEVEL


Dear client, Dyanthus Personal Creation is the opportunity to buy a Dyanthus creation applying your taste, your feelings, your passion, yourself.

1 – Contact us by e-mail

2 – Describe us your dream on raw materials and colors combination

3 – You will receive an e-mail of confirmation from us in which we will schedule a skipe meeting or a call conference

We will bring you in our artisans’ lab!

We will show you the colors and the raw maerials that you have choosen!

We will suggest and guide you to the right combination to satisfy completely your dream, because a Dyanthus is and must will be unique.

ASAP you will receive back our detailed quote. You will send back to us your confirmation.

There is nothing as you!!!

Customize your Dyanthus handbag!!!

The lux of your personal handbag!!!