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Our Philosophy:

a new way of thinking…because future is now


In a dark and endless universe as the global market, Dyanthus identifies its horizon in the desire to bring back the Italian true elegance and pure style.

The company Dyanthus is the brand specialized in the production of luxury handbags for women.

We are not the typical Italian luxury brand, we are a company projected in the near future to the new world that already is!

We detach from obsolete commercial logics linked to classic concepts like “status symbol / fashion / trend / etc”

to cultivate and pursue a new ancient way of working:

loving our customers living consciously in this world


– we design and produce according to the one by one philosophy; we do not develop and do not make our creations in series, but individually and on order

– we only supply the raw materials necessary for the production of the orders in progress

– we use only traced leathers and not from protected and or endangered animals

– our suppliers of raw materials, accessories and packaging are from our territory, to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact

– our collection is not subject to fashions or seasonality, it is a permanent collection, always available over time because our creations touch concepts such as timeless, eternity, iconicity, distinction, beauty

– we offer standard creations, but we offer our beloved customers the possibility to customize them for colors and materials; but we are also able to offer the custom development of a dedicated creation, specific for the individual customer, thus creating a true single piece, a real jewel, the real one off in the world

– we serve customers all over the world by offering a direct service and selling without intermediaries to guarantee true luxury, true elegance and true uniqueness at an extremely competitive price; through the technologies (skype, e-mail, call conference) our customers directly contact the owner of Dyanthus and define their request, their needs, their dreams … all to be as unique as our clients

– we rely on only local designers and artisans to guarantee the continuity of the tradition and of the know-how

– and more…and more…and more…contact us and discover Dyanthus’ world

We are different: unconvetional, innovative, unique…like each one of our loved clients.

Our values:

– for landmark the concept of beauty, missing into the logic of the mass production and of the large numbers.

– for vitality the authentic design and the genuine handicraft of Italy, the only factors that really are able to distinguish and enhance our creations.

– for guideline the logic of a development and a manufacturing “one by one”.

The Dyanthus handbags flash passion, class, attention for details, and thus beauty and elegance: this is the light that lights up on the need of our clients for style and sophistication; our elegant, innovative design combined to our artisan skills, is the formula for emerging from the darkness of a bland conformism, from usual and from kitsch of the universal fashion.

Dyanthus has defined its journey analyzing the limits of the global market: the mass production will reveal soon its inconsistency and inadequacy to meet the needs of market, of society, of economy and of our earth; the whooping and excited demand of distinction and personalization boost till to the “one-off concept” will fuel the dizzying growth of handicraft production and thus the concept of networking, outsourcing, tailor made and B2C.

Dyanthus focus on tomorrow: establish our company as the real new one brand for the high quality and for the luxury in the new economy.

Exploring the past to foresee the future!